Witch Hazel - Game IP/ Vis-Dev/ R&D

This project started as a way to try out a different visual style - something quick to produce in contrast to the high-polygon, normal mapped AAA work of my day job.

Inspired by Children's storybooks and animated films I wanted to explore ease of iteration and concentrate on the big picture - bold, graphic Character Designs, saturated colour palettes, quirky compositions and interesting lighting choices were the order of the day here. Quick to produce characters allowed me to think about Environments/ staging/ lighting/ composition and UI rather than get stuck in granular character details which can happen with commercial projects.

This eventually turned into a UE4 mockup which can be seen in the screenshot. The idea of the game is an up to date version of classic LucasArts point n click adventures - a rich story with an interactive world where the player collects items and interacts with characters to solve puzzles, and explore new areas of an increasingly fantastical world. I was super inspired by the game Roki by Polygon Treehouse here.

Lowpoly, mostly untextured assets with a focus on saturated colour palettes and assessing the viability of shaders/ geometry to create a chalky/ coloured pencil approach to mesh edges and textures.

Introductory scene  - UE4

Introductory scene - UE4

Quick Character Shader test - UE4