Battletoads- Rash 3D redesign

I got a chance to help out with the front cover of the "Rare Replay" game by doing the 3D redesigned version of Rash from Battletoads. Working on an iconic franchise from my childhood like this was a great experience!

Rendered in Marmoset/ in-game screengrabs, modelled in Maya/ Zbrush.

Sam chester battletoad lowpolycoloured crop

Only the top half was visible on the cover so texturing only this part was a major timesaver.

Sam chester battletoad lowpolycoloured

Colour turnaround

Sam chester battletoad highpoly revised

The model got made into a lifesize 3D statue so a full body version was needed.

Sam chester image

The final box art.

Design/ render/ composition of all other elements- credits go to all the other artists involved.